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  • On Monday, June 6th, Paul Stuart and media partner The New York Times were pleased to present the 3rd Annual Salute to the Best of Broadway.

  • This Phineas Cole silk basketweave jacket is the quintessential Summer statement.
  • Simon Crompton is one of the world’s leading authorities on classic men’s style, with hundreds of thousands of dedicated followers worldwide. He is regarded as an authentic expert on bespoke, craft, and luxury menswear.

    His website, Permanent Style, has grown over the past decade to become the foremost men’s style blog in Europe, with over 300,000 hits a month. Permanent Style has been singled out by the New York Times as one of the world’s top ten men’s blogs, and one of the 15 best men's style websites.

    Simon's in-depth features for Permanent Style – and for publications like the Financial Times, The Rake and GQ -- are justly celebrated for bringing real journalism to the world of men's style.

    Moreover, and to our great good fortune, Simon has long been a fan of Paul Stuart and has, in fact, lent his gracious support, expertise, and pen to various of our endeavors. Here then, we are pleased to reprint his ’10 Style Commandments’ as was recently published  

  • Carmine Micciulla, our senior outerwear buyer doesn’t have anything against Spring and Summer, but, understandably, still looks forward to the opportunities presented by the shorter days and chill evenings that herald the arrival of fall and Winter. And with good reason. It is, after all, that most outerwear centric time of year…
  • Ralph Auriema, our Design Director, talks about the Fall 2015 Phineas Cole Collection.
  • Man’s Best Friend may forever be Fido, but we’d like to suggest that a favorite Sport Jacket could well run a close second…
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