Introducing the Traveler, Our Wrinkle Resistant Dress Shirt
August 22, 2017

Introducing the Traveler, Our Wrinkle Resistant Dress Shirt

This post is for gentlemen who want to look sharp all day long by wearing a wrinkle-resistant shirt that doesn’t feel like it’s wrinkle-resistant. This season, we’re pleased to introduce the Traveler dress shirt, created to meet the high standards our customers have come to expect at Paul Stuart. Below, the answers to all of your questions on the matter.

There are many wrinkle-resistant options in the men’s shirt market, what makes the Traveler different?
We believe in the quality level of our Traveler shirt, which is made in North America of Italian fabric.

Wait, where does this fabric come from?
The 100% cotton fabric is from a special wrinkle-resistant collection made by one of Italy’s premiere mills.  

How does the shirt remain wrinkle-free?
A special, recently-developed technology is applied to the shirt that resists creases throughout the day.  

Can you assure me that it is soft and breathable like any other shirt?
The fabric is made with the best raw materials from extra-long staple cotton. It is spun and woven in Italy which gives it a high degree of breathability, softness, and shine as compared to other wrinkle-resistant shirts on the market.

How does it fit?
Classic. We call it Paul Stuart regular fit.

How many colors does it come in?
It is available in white and light blue.


How should I wash and dry it?

It is machine-washable, ideally in cold water. We recommend hang-drying your Traveler shirts.

Does it need to be ironed at all?

The special treatment allows the fabric to lay clean throughout a busy workday. However, you will still need to have the shirt pressed.

That’s why you it’s a wrinkle-free rather than non-iron shirt?

Yes. Non-iron shirts require little to no ironing following a wash at home, but the bonded cotton fibers, which allow for that perfect finish, also cause the fabric to be less breathable and less smooth to the touch. On the contrary, wrinkle-free treated fabrics tend to look and feel similar to untreated ones.