Phineas Cole Laser Cut Jackets
October 17, 2018

Phineas Cole Laser Cut Jackets

Indulge us for a moment and think back to the future as you imagined it as a child. We’re willing to bet lasers figured into your vision.

Ours too. The Phineas Cole Laser Cut jackets apply laser-cutting methods to a sharp and stylish sport jacket. The result is a lightness and flair that tailors of yore could only dream about. In this case, technology is indeed the answer.

How does it work? Instead of our trusty tailor’s shears, we cut the pattern for these jackets using high powered lasers that work with extraordinary precision. The clean edge is finished with an ultra-precise topstitch that seals the fabric and prevents it from fraying. This makes for a garment that only requires a single layer of construction, without the need for linings or facing.

You’ll notice the difference immediately when you put it on. The 100% wool melange flannel will feel incredibly light, like a vaporous layer floating on the surface of your look. The carded wool is brushed to give it a modern and contemporary finish. It is smooth and creamy to the touch while being light as a feather.

And the commitment to lightness continues in the pattern and tailoring. The clean, sleek silhouette has the essential elegance of mid-century modernism. The collar is double stitched to take the place of a neckband, eliminating the need for a few extra pieces of fabric. Like a tech-forward racing machine, this piece is engineered with every last ounce in mind. The bonded seams on the inside keep the silhouette almost impossibly polished and refined.

So refined in fact that you might be tempted to take the look to the next level and double up. Wear one as an overcoat and the other as a blazer. Each piece is so precisely constructed that you can layer the coat length over the jacket length version for a fashion-forward stacked look. Or swap out your typical sportcoat for the ultra-light blazer and feel your entire day take a lighter turn.

The future is now. And the fashion is not just laser sharp, it’s laser cut.