Stay Dry, Look Fly - Taking on the Rain This Fall
October 2, 2018

Stay Dry, Look Fly - Taking on the Rain This Fall

When it comes to the weather these days, the only thing you can count on is that you can’t count on anything. Sometimes, the only difference between a perfect weather and a rainy day is thirty minutes. Or the weather can be depressingly predictable, where fall conditions seem to get stuck in the atmosphere for weeks on end, releasing a steady stream of precipitation in the process.

But at Paul Stuart we’re happy to take on a challenge. Especially when the best solution is dressing well. After all, there is no such thing as bad weather - only the wrong clothes. So get suited up for fall knowing that you’ll laugh in the face of the next storm cloud that comes your way.

Step one: the umbrella. Now, you might be used to seeing most people content themselves with a cheap imported throwaway from the local deli, but you aren’t most people, are you? When it comes to the lost art of dressing, nothing sets someone apart like an absolutely exquisite accessory like a fine umbrella.

For instance, take a moment to marvel at the craftsmanship of our Two Tone Horizontal Stripe Leather Handle Umbrella. They don’t make them like this anymore. Or rather: they don’t -- but we do. This gorgeous object is constructed in Italy from a solid piece of maple, eight heavy duty aluminum ribs and hand applied nickel tips. Its canopy is over three feet wide, more than enough to keep you comfortably dry from head to toe.

Of course, the starring role in any deluge-ready get-up goes to the the overcoat. The trench coat has always been the classic, and we have a great one in our Double Breasted Classic Trench, but technology has advanced. New steps forward in textiles make it possible to opt for a tailored look even as the rain pours. Enter the Navy Water Repellent Coat. This sharp knee-length garment has all of the style of a traditional car coat, including rich navy blue wool construction, but can brave any downpour you throw at it. The broad black buttons and cuff strap details add a nautical touch that can be dressed up or dressed down.

To make sure the entire ensemble is on dry footing, it’s all about the shoes. The clothes can protect you from head to toe, but if you step in a puddle with the wrong footwear, it will all be for naught. Our Chelsea Boot hide a host of technological advancements underneath its suave exterior. The soles are constructed with durable Goodyear welting that is tightly stitched to keep the elements out. The leather soles are injected with rubber to maintain the elegance of old-world construction all while offering the benefits of durable and comfortable modern materials. Finally, the elastic ankle panels make them easy to take off in a flash. After all, when you’re coming in from the wet, unlacing your boots is the last thing you want to do.

We won’t claim to be able to predict the weather, but we sure can make sure you look stylish for whatever surprises Mother Nature can serve up.