Wool vs. Knit vs. Silk: Finding the Right Tie for the Right Occasion
October 2, 2018

Wool vs. Knit vs. Silk: Finding the Right Tie for the Right Occasion

Look, we don’t believe in rules. When you have style, you can make them yourself. But that doesn’t mean a little education doesn’t go a long way. After all, if you’re going to write a symphony, you’d better learn the scales first. Apply that lesson to dressing, and every note in your look will be pitch-perfect.

And no note symbolizes a perfectly dressed man more than the tie. It’s the finishing touch for a look that says that you mean business, that today is special, that you’re operating at 100%. But every tie sends a subtly different message. Learn how to mix those messages for maximum impact and your garb will speak for you before you even open your mouth.

Take wool for example. Our Made-in-Italy Solid Woven Cashmere Tie sends a subtle message of chic confidentiality. This is for the tie for the man who has more important things to do than seek attention. He leads from behind and makes his will known with a whisper rather than a shout. For the ultimate in discreet luxury, amp it up and stack cashmere on cashmere. The tie’s delicate weave lays perfectly across the backdrop of our Mink Herringbone Cashmere Sport Jacket or Marine Blue Cashmere Blazer.

And then there is knit silk. The sheen of the silk paired with the texture of the knit makes for an academic and casual style with a raffish streak. Here’s your tie for when you don’t have to wear a tie to work, but want to. Our handmade 100% Italian Silk Knit Ties are just the thing to set off an autumnal tweed. Or even a blazer with jeans when date night needs just a little more verve. Go further and embrace the classic across-the-pond playfulness of our English-made Embroidered Knit Tie, peppered with embroidered cream dots that are a sure bet to catch eyes at a fall wedding.

Finally, the king: fine woven silk. The ne plus ultra for a reason. Project power and elegance with a bold paisley like the Light Blue & Orange All-Over Paisley Tie that leaves an impression long after you’ve left the room. For more subdued tastes, nothing says steely determination like the Solid Silk Tie. It lets the richness of the material and lush, deep dyes do all of the talking. Our Solid Silk Ties are self-tipped, meaning they are backed with the same material as the front, showing our confidence in the utmost quality and craft of our product.

Next time you reach for your tie rack, keep these simple pointers in line: wool for subtlety, knit silk for a pop of idiosyncratic style, and fine woven silk to command attention. Mix and match ties from our entire Paul Stuart tie line to give new depth to your collection of suits, blazers and shirts.