• No, no, no. Relax. It’s okay. You’re not suddenly seeing double. Rather, today, when both the new Paul Stuart Fall 2015 catalog and John Pizzarelli’s latest CD ‘Midnight McCartney (featuring, nothing less than, at Sir Paul’s specific behest, a brilliant selection of his post Beatles oeuvre realized from a very Pizzarelli specific P.O.V.), are placed side by side, you’ll be pleased to note the very intentional mirror-like similarity shared by both the catalog and the CD cover.
  • Attention class… Here, for your edification, we offer an educational aide, if you will, a primer of sorts, designed to shed light on some of the finer points of what goes into the tailored clothing we wear—more or less—on a daily basis. To what end, you may ask? Good question. There are a number of reasons as to why such knowledge is important—even vital.

  • Okay. We admit it.

    We true-believer, dyed in the wool, dapper and dashing, card-carrying Phineas Cole aficionados do like us our ticket pockets... for two decidedly simple but altogether different reasons:

    First off, aesthetically speaking (and there’s little we love better than a good  debate on matters aesthetic)  we like them just because they look so darn good on our suit jackets. And on our sport jackets. And our blazers. And our topcoats. 

  • It’s all about personal preference, you see… Do you most favor a single or a double-breasted jacket? One button or two (or three)? A waistcoat (and again, single or double breasted)? Peak or notched lapels? Or, as the wise and revered Stoic philosopher (and well known dandy) Epictetus, said best: “Know first who you are, and then adorn yourself accordingly.” So. Welcome to the world of Paul Stuart Made to Measure. Let the adorning commence.
  • Although summer may still hold its hazy, hot and humid sway over one and all, as we move into these last days of August it’s clearly time to consider how we might best begin to transition our wardrobe to something more appropriately autumnal.

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    Paul Stuart marked the opening of it's all new Washington DC outpost June 2nd with a grand opening party that attracted the best — and the best-dressed — of the nation's capital.