When it comes down to it, these are the elements present in the majority of questions that are most frequently asked by clients.

“What is the correct best option and how is it best worn?”

To help tackle such concerns, we’ve decided that a forum designed to address any queries posed—or in this case posted—on the finer points of personal style might be in order.

We invite you to send any and all questions pertaining to the topic —from determining the correct shirt collar, to the myriad mysteries of the boutonniere; from how to best fold a pocket square, to determining the proper depth of a trouser cuff—and each Monday, we’ll do our best to provide answers, offer insight, and, where appropriate, even extend some judicious instruction. Be prepared, however, having once presented the hard and fast rules of sartorial correctness, we might suggest how some might best be broken. 

Because you see, at Paul Stuart we really do believe that Knowledge is Style…