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“You can never be overdressed or overeducated.”

—Oscar Wilde

When it comes to style, we maintain a s simple core belief: that owning personal style is vastly different from adopting ‘a look’; and that our role, over the course of nearly 80 years, has been to provide our clientele a level of sartorial confidence that always transcends the fleeting vagaries of mere fashion.

Hence, this section, which we have dubbed ‘Tailor-Made’.

We believe it affords us a fine opportunity to spread the good word, if you will, about the suits, sports coats, trousers, and dress furnishings which many of us wear very nearly every day of our adult lives. 

The goal of Tailor-made is to communicate the information you need to make erudite, informed decisions about the tailored clothing you want or need, and ultimately opt to purchase; to help you understand the myriad options available and, if nothing else, to supply you the requisite vocabulary with which to talk to a tailor with both awareness and assurance. 

Communication, of course, is key. You will note that we’ve broken this primer into three significant areas: Personalized Ready-to-Wear, Made-to-Measure, and finally, Custom-Made-Clothing, (as well as furnishings and accessories).

How to choose what’s best for you?  

Well, begin by reading on a bit, and then by contacting us either on-line or in-store —to pose any questions you might have.  

But really, you’ve made the best first step possible; you have elected to join, and to trust, us, here at Paul Stuart. 

We won’t let you down.

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Paul Stuart has consistently articulated a simple notion over the course of nearly eight decades of ever ongoing change in menswear: that wit is the voice of style — and therefore that having true personal style is vastly different from merely having ‘a look’.

If style is about discovering — and expressing — one’s sartorial confidence, then, on balance, the assortment of Ready to Wear tailored clothing on offer here is, quite frankly, second to none. Not simply in terms of the sheer variety of our carefully curated selection but rather in the level of sophistication – and, yes, wit —that sets us apart from all others and offers a stepping off point for expressing one’s own style.

Since its very beginnings, Paul Stuart has engaged in an ongoing conversation with men who like clothes. In some ways, perhaps our role has evolved to resemble something very like the orchestra conductor who extolls the principal oboist to attempt notes that are ledger lines above the staff. “You have it in you,” has been Paul Stuart’s subliminal message, as we have, decade in-decade out, attempted to assist each and every client in attaining his own deftly defined sense of personal style.

Our Made-to-Measure program has become an invaluable tool in the achievement in that evolution.

For the true enthusiast, just as a certain street in Mayfair is shorthand for English tailoring, so is Paul Stuart for its American counterpart. So, while our heritage is English, our viewpoint is distinctly American; together this represents the very best kind of eclecticism. Moreover, an eclecticism that is most fully realized in our Custom Clothing offering, a true Anglo-American interpretation of the best of Savile Row.

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