Thimble Drome Champion, "Doodle Bug" Tether Car, Circa 1948


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• Thimble Drome Champion "Doodle Bug" model
• Orange #51, Cameron .099 engine
• Called the "Doodle Bug" by the manufacturer
• Scale model of a late 1940s dirt track midget racer
• Produced by Leroy M. "Roy" Cox
• Made in USA, circa 1948
• WARNING AND DISCLAIMER: This vintage model tether car (this “Car”) was constructed circa 1940’s – 1950’s with an operating engine which may not meet current product safety standards concerning its design, operation and use. Given the age of this Car, parts may be worn, broken, deteriorated or contain other latent defects which may further compromise the safe operation of it. Operating this Car may therefore result in serious personal injury. The merchants selling this Car are not making any promises, representations or warranties of any kind with respect to its use or operation. Purchaser acknowledges and agrees that this Car is being sold solely as a collector’s item, intended for display purposes only, and that any attempted use or operation of the Car may result in serious personal injury. Purchaser agrees to assume all risks in connection with the use and operation of this Car.
• Each tether car is approximately 10” to 12” long

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