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We believe that thoughtful design is what modern dressing is all about. Using the finest materials and fabrics from around the world, we pride ourselves on being the authority on tailored clothing for the modern man. 

Paul Stuart Lookbook

Our latest collection is an interplay of moody and playful, serious and sunny. Spring 2024 captures the elegance and glamor of the season with quintessential summer fabrics, breezy and relaxed tailoring, sleek formal styles and elevated casual looks.

Phineas Cole Lookbook

Phineas Cole captures the essence of the season as only Phineas Cole is able to—with exclusive one-of-a-kind pieces and statement-making styles. Get inspired with tonal looks, subtle pops of color, and bold designs. Shop deco inspired patterns, tropical prints, and deco dinner jackets. Weightless cable-knits, textured linen, eye-catching accessories, and our favorite for the rugged and refined…summer suede with fringe.

Spring 2024 Made-to-Measure Event

Featuring customLAB & Premium offerings.


Enjoy 15% off a suit or jacket & trouser order and receive a complimentary shirt with the purchase of five.

Spring 2024 Made-to-Measure Graphic