Paul Stuart is pleased to share our ongoing journey towards a more sustainable and ethical future. We are committed to becoming a fur-free brand and will no longer use fur as defined by the Humane Society and California State Law in our collections. This decision underscores our dedication to responsible fashion, environmental stewardship, and the well-being of our World’s ecosystem. We will continue to sell products approved by The Humane Society, including those made from synthetic, faux fur materials, and traditional animal fabrics including cashmere, leather, shearling, mohair, down, wool, and silk.

Sustainability is at the heart of our brand ethos, guiding us in every design, fabric choice, and manufacturing process. Our commitment to minimizing our ecological footprint, promoting ethical practices, and nurturing lasting relationships with our customers and the planet drives us to reimagine the World of Luxury Fashion. We will also continue to monitor animal welfare concerns and work with our brand partners to promote best practices for sourcing, production, processing, re-use, and innovation over time.

August 24, 2023.