PS Fit Guide

The Paul Stuart Fit Guide

Paul Stuart and Phineas Cole tailoring is a blend of modern and classic, a combination of tradition and innovation.

Discover all of our distinctive fits and designs to suit your style for every occasion.


Borrowing a few design details from the Phineas Cole collection, our Slim Fit is our slimmest fit, with a sleek and sophisticated style, perfect for any event.

  • Slimmest fit of the Paul Stuart Suiting collection
  • Soft Shoulder Expression 
  • Lightweight Canvas 
  • Slimmest fit through the waist 
  • Highest armhole of Paul Stuart Suits


Our Hybrid Fit is designed to meet slim and modern in the middle. The Hybrid Fit has a lean silhouette. Our most popular Hybrid fit is the iconic Paul Jacket.

  • Hybrid fit is between Slim and Modern
  • Soft Shoulder Expression 
  • Lightweight Canvas 
  • Slim fit through the waist 
  • Slightly lower armhole than Slim Fit 


The Modern Fit is slightly more generous than the Slim and Hybrid. A great everyday style, the Modern fit has a timeless and flattering silhouette.

  • Modern easy fit
  • Soft Shoulder Pad, Natural Shoulder Expression 
  • Traditional lightweight construction
  • Easy fit through the waist 
  • Slightly lower armhole than the Hybrid Fit 


Elegant and sophisticated, the Classic Fit has a traditional and altogether more relaxed and roomier silhouette, perfect for broad-shouldered men.

  • Classic, slightly roomier fit
  • Soft Shoulder Pad, Natural Shoulder Expression 
  • Lightweight Canvas 
  • Fuller fit through the waist 
  • Lower armhole than the Modern, Hybrid and Slim Fits

Phineas Cole

Available exclusively at Paul Stuart, the Phineas Cole collection has an overall slim design aesthetic. The Phineas Cole fit is ultra-sleek with a lean and flawless silhouette.

  • Slimmest fit of all Paul Stuart jackets
  • Softest shoulder expression
  • Curvaceous body shape
  • Unconstructed, ultra-lightweight
  • Highest armhole of all Paul Stuart jacket fits