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Spitalfields and Macclesfield Tie History

Spitalfields and Macclesfield are two towns in England that used to be filled with silk weaving. Due to lowered demand for silk, only a handful of manufacturers still exist.

Spitalfields and Macclesfield left their mark on the men’s clothing industry that is not yet forgotten, buying a tie is like buying a piece of history. 

Spitalfields and Macclesfield Tie Stack

These two towns pioneered their own styles of woven ties that became so popular, that ties made in this style still carry the names, Spitalfields and Macclesfield. 

Neckwear today that are referred to as Spitalfields and Macclesfield Ties, are in reference to the unique weave and style of the tie instead of the location where it was produced.

Spitalfields and Macclesfield have many similarities in design including color, pattern shapes, and weave style. They were conservatively crafted in muted colors such as black, silver, white, grey, and navy.

Patterns were generally geometric shapes such as squares, diamonds, and circles. The biggest difference between the two is the scale of the pattern woven. 

The silk for these ties are woven tightly to create a structured hand and a robust knot. Their tight weave combined with their conservative design features lend itself to be a more formal necktie.

This is the reason that Spitalfields and Macclesfield ties are coined as “wedding ties”.